RI-Consulting provides services in the field of protection of reputation (business reputation, honor and dignity), pre-trial and court settlement of disputes.

Disputes related to protection of honor, dignity and business reputation are quite complicated, especially if they concern compensation for moral or reputational damage. Formation of judicial practice in the sphere of protection of reputation is carried out along several lines: protection of honor and dignity, demand to refute the information placed or to withdraw the publication containing inaccurate information, recovery of damage caused. Only professional legal support of the project will help to achieve the result that the Client expects.

We provide comprehensive legal support:

  • legal analysis of the situation to establish signs of violation of rights and determine the legal tools of protection for each case (requirement to withdraw the publication, to place a refutation, the organization of the publication and communication of information to the public about the truth of the situation using the tool "right of reply", appeal to the courts and other bodies);
  • Negotiating and searching for options to stop the posting/dissemination of false information, etc.;
  • judicial protection of rights.

We provide the highest level of expertise and all services while maintaining full confidentiality at every stage of the dispute.


  • pre-trial dispute settlement;
  • judicial defence.


  • protection of business reputation of legal entities and executives of the company; removal of inaccurate / defamatory information from the network;
  • delisting of links from search engines (right to be forgotten);
  • representation and defense in criminal cases of slander (128.1 of the Criminal Code);
  • protection of a citizen's image, removal of personal photographs from the network;
  • pre-trial proceedings against a media company that disseminated inaccurate information;
  • negotiating with a person who knowingly spread false information in order to publish a refutation;
  • judicial defense.
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