About RI-Consulting

RI-Consulting is a leading legal advisor in the Russian market that provides legal support to Russian and foreign companies - representatives of the key industries, as well as to private individuals on a full range of legal issues related to the conduct of business in Russia and the CIS.


The mission of RI-Consulting Law Office is to provide highly qualified legal assistance to organizations and individuals, from the early stages of problem prevention to the resolution of the most complex issues and to contribute to the successful development and operation of Clients' business without any risks and legal problems.

Our Clients who turn to us for help can be sure that they will be provided with qualified services, and exactly those that they really needs. Each Client is bound to sign an Agreement, which is a guarantee for them. Reputation and honesty are our core values.

Clients may order a single service or make use of a complex assistance. In any case, we will strive to fulfill our obligations in good faith and with full commitment.


COMPETENCE - all our employees are professionals in their field, with a wealth of academic knowledge and practical skills.

PROMPTNESS - how we organize the execution of Clients' assignments permits us to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time and to respond to critical situations without delay.

CONFIDENTIALITY is guaranteed by Art. 8 of Federal Law No 63 dd. 31.05.2003, under which a lawyer cannot be questioned about the circumstances that have become known to him in connection with the performance of his duties as a defender or representative, which makes it possible not to disclose trade secrets of the organization in its legal services.

RESPONSIBILITY - our attorneys in every case show integrity in defending the Client' position regardless of anything; the Managing Partners are personally liable under every agreement to the Clients.


Our profession is all about the humanity and morality of helping our Clients. Our Attorneys are not only extremely professional advisors, but also highly moral People, for whom, sometimes, the generally accepted principles of ethics and morality are superior to mere provisions of any law.

As Attorneys at law, we treat our Clients, regardless of their past, always equally, giving no preference to anyone, striving to help them with all the strength of our talent. The profession of a lawyer is a constant struggle with the system of "misunderstanding", or even bureaucratic arbitrariness in any capacity and rank, and it is the moral human component that is important here.

Why us?


We follow ethical principles in our work and carry them into the legal business, making the profession better. We use only legal methods in the interests of our Clients. Such approaches are increasingly relevant because they also eliminate criminal risks. Reputation and principles are above all.


During this consultation, the Client may not only get answers to his questions, but also determine the list of services that are really necessary to address his problems and issues.


Our specialization is complicated cases considered by other lawyers as hopeless and hard to solve. Experience in solving complicated problems allows other tasks to be solved more quickly and efficiently at the lowest cost to the Client.


Our Clients can get legal assistance from a Duty Lawyer at any time of the day or night, including weekends and public holidays.


Our Clients continue to go about their business, while all concerns about how to find a way out of a problematic situation fall on our shoulders.


Prompt delivery of highly professional services to our Clients.

Facts and figures

More than 35 attorneys and lawyers


11 years of practice


10 years in a row among Russia's leading law firms: PRAVO300, Forbes and Kommersant recommend our Company


Over $15 bln in protected assets


Our Company ranks among TOP-5 law firms in bankruptcy, dispute resolution and criminal law (Kommersant)


Recommended company for wealthy clients according to Forbes


2000 lawsuits


The Company has >90% of successfully completed projects


265 complex integrated programs to protect large and medium-sized businesses in Russia


78% of conflicts were resolved out of court

Our Clients
Office in Moscow Phone: +7 (495) 632-14-50. Duty Lawyer (24/7): +7 (985) 307-31-76. E-mail: info@ri-consulting.ru Address: 22 Baumanskaya str., office 201