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The mission of RI-Consulting Law Office is to provide highly qualified legal assistance to organizations and individuals, from the stage of prevention of problems and to the resolution of the most complex issues and contribute to the successful development and operation of Clients' business without risks and legal problems.


Clients who turn to us for help can be sure that they will be provided with skilled services, and those that the client really needs.


Helping Clients is also the human and moral component of our profession. Lawyers are not only professional advisors, but also highly moral People, for whom, sometimes, generally accepted principles of ethics and morality are superior to pure provisions of the norms of any law. We as lawyers treat our clients, regardless of their past, always equally, giving no preference to anyone, trying to help them with all the strength of their talent. The profession of a lawyer is a constant struggle with the system of misunderstanding or even bureaucratic arbitrariness in any capacity and rank, and it is the moral human component that is important here.


RI-Consulting Law Office is a consulting company uniting experienced attorneys and lawyers jointly capable of solving complex problems in the interests of legal entities and individuals.

Significant experience of work with state institutions gained by our employees, together with negotiation skills in commercial matters, allows us to efficiently and effectively resolve many conflict situations at the pre-trial stage.

The rich law enforcement practice of our attorneys helps to minimize violations of the Clients' rights by the authorities and efficiently represent clients' interests in courts in arbitration, civil and criminal cases.

Confidentiality of the legal assistance provided by the Company is guaranteed by Federal Law No 63 dd. 31.05.2003 "On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation".

Proven legal techniques of RI-Consulting Law Office contribute to the successful activity of foreign companies in the Russian Federation, taking into account the national specifics of doing business.

Roman Voronin Roman Voronin

Managing Partner.
Denis Rudenko Denis Rudenko

Head of Customs Law Practice
Our Clients
M.S. Liksutov Deputy Mayor of Moscow

The work of your employees helped to identify deficiencies in the Department and to take measures to eliminate violations

B.V. Gryzlov Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dynamo Futsal Club

Thank you for your support of Russian sports and assistance to MFK Dinamo

A.V. Tmenov General Director of Degtyarev Plant JSC

RI-Consulting confirmed its high professionality, competency and proactiveness in resolving its tasks

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